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Yoga Therapy for Back and Spinal Health

Every Saturday 8.30 am - 9.30 am (UK Time)
April 27th - July 13th, 2024 (12 weeks) 

Conducted by

Ketki Gokhale - M.Sc (Yoga)

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About the Course
Our Spine is quite literally the backbone of our ability to move, sleep and function efficiently. Almost all movement originate from our spine and hence taking care of our cervical (upper) and lumbar (lower) spine should be of utmost importance. A weak or painful back can be a big blow to your quality of life. This is very evident in this pandemic where we are sitting in front of the screen for long hours and have restrictions to move due to lockdown. Nearly two-thirds of working professionals have issues with their back, neck, hips, knees or wrists as a result of poor homeworking practices.

Our spine has 3 main functions :
1. Protecting spinal cord and associated nerve roots enabling movement of limbs and physical sensations
2. Providing structural support and balance to maintain an upright posture 
3. Enabling flexible motion

Our spine though well protected within the body, can be damaged by many factors such as trauma or accident, occupational requirements, sedentary lifestyle, bad posture, stress or negative emotions. 

The key Yoga benefits for back and spinal health are : 
1. Strengthens back muscles and improves flexibility – Yogasana provides stretch and strength to spinal muscles relieving accumulated tension and fatigue thereby reducing back pain and spine fatigue
2. Promotes awareness towards correct posture – Yoga practice encourages one to be aware of the body and its movements. This increased awareness helps to correct posture while performing professional and daily tasks
3. Aligns body and improves balance – Improved posture and an increased sense of balance helps in proper alignment of head, shoulders and pelvis helping to maintain and preserve natural curvatures of the spine
4. Helps release tension in mind and body – Specific Yoga breathing techniques help increased oxygen flow to the brain and sets a rhythm within the body that dissipate stress, negative emotions and anxiety. This relieves back pain caused by psychological factors 

12-week Integrated approach of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) will include :
1. ‘Sukshma Vyayama’ on Chair
2. Chair Yoga*
3. Wall Stretches
4. Lumbar Stretches 
5. Stretches along with Breathing
6. Asana Practice with Props**
7. Yogic Breathing Techniques
8. Relaxation Techniques 
9. Meditation Techniques

NOTE: You will need

  *Any Chair with a straight backrest

**2 x Yoga Blocks and 1 x Yoga Strap (Optional)

Client Testimonial

"Ketki is a great Yoga teacher and she has the holistic way of teaching and helping through the great Indian traditional ways of life - Yoga. I have been personally benefited through the Spine and Back Workshops and it has helped to increased my awareness of own body and hence correcting the related discomforts. I sincerely thanks Ketki and feeling lucky to have such a great teacher in UK"

-Robin Landge, IT Professional, UK 

"I found Ketki in a fb advertisement. Little did i know that fb recommends gems too. I have just finished her Spine & Back workshop. I have been doing yoga for many years and always thought only complicated twists and turns are the great yog poses. Ketki proved i was wrong and brought many simple techniques coupled with breathing have great results. The course has given awareness of my body and how to use breathing along with the moves. She is immensely knowledgeable and doesn’t hesitate to answer the silliest or complicated questions. I will definitely be going back to her in sometime. Thanks much Ketki"

- Poornima Jayaraj, UK

This is a Paid Course, to get more details please fill the form below:

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