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According to Quantum Physics, everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Sound, light, heat, motion are all forms of energy that is vibrating. Since time immemorial, the Vedic mantras have existed as vibrations in the Universe. Sages and seers of the Vedic times became aware of these vibrations during the state of self-enlightenment and tapped the Vedic mantras within. Such Vedic mantras are called “Shrutis” means that which is 'heard'. Heard what?....The Eternal Veda Chants Within!!! They already existed and were passed from generation to generation through oral tradition. 

Veda chanting is an oral and meditative practice that combines sound, breath, and rhythm. Veda mantras when chanted with complete concentration and with correct pronunciation, transform the universal energy and activates the chanter's spiritual energy thus bringing psychological and physiological benefits. 
The vibrations created by these Veda Chants release pleasure-causing endorphins, stimulate the immune system, calm down the nervous system, activate vagal tone, and restore holistic health. These vibrations increase the learning ability, enhance creativity, sharpen memory and strengthens willpower. 

The Objective of Veda Chanting Level 1 course is: 

  1. To learn the art and rules of Veda Chanting 

  2. To become familiar with the Sanskrit Language

  3. To go back to the source of knowledge “The Vedas”

  4. To make Veda Chanting part of daily routine 

  5. To experience the benefits of chanting at various levels and bring positive transformation in personality. 

The online 8 weeks course will include: 

  1. Primordial Sound “AUM"

  2. Sanskrit: Language of vibration

  3. Basics of ‘Veda’ Chanting

  4. Benefits of ‘Chanting in Sanskrit’

  5. Six Rules of Chanting 

  6. Sound Vibration "AnahataNada” or "Unstruck Sound”

  7. Significance of “Shanti” and “Tri Taap”

  8. VedaChanting – Dasha Shanti Mantras 

  9. Benefits of Veda Chanting

  10. Caution, Hints, and Tips

You will be provided with all recordings of the sessions, Power point slides and pdf of Mantras with intonations that will be practiced in the session.

On successful completion of course, AYC will be offering certificate of merit to the participants 


Certification Criteria: It is recommended for participants to do regular chanting practice each week and send your audio recording of mantra for assessment towards certification before every following Friday.

8th Batch, Every Sunday
Dates: May 19th to July 7th, 2024
Time: 11am - 12noon (UK Time) / 4:30pm - 5:30pm (India Time)
Duration: 8 weeks


  1. No mandatory knowledge of Sanskrit Language is required

  2. Participants from all religions can join the course

  3. All classes will be conducted via Zoom

  4. Participants who will complete Level 1 Course are eligible for advanced Levels Courses which are as follows: 

  • Level 2 - ​Bhrigu Valli from Taittirīya Upanishad (10 weeks) 

  • Level 3 Puruṣasūktam from Rigveda (12 weeks)

  • Level 4Śrī Sūktam from Rigveda (16 weeks)

  • Level 5 - Shri Rudram from Krishna Yajurveda, Taittirīya Samhita (1 year) 

                      Part 1 - Namakam ​

                      Part 2 - Chamakam 

​**This service is running online and offered in Group and on 1-2-1 basis**

This is a Paid Course, to get more details please fill the form below:

Testimonials of Vedic Chanting level 1 Participants

Hi Ketki,
I thank you wholeheartedly for the wonderful level1 course on Vedic Chanting conducted by you!!
10 mantras& Gayatri mantra taught by you with intonations & deep meaning will definitely benefit us. You have also explained different rules of intonations &Chanting, Interpretation of the holy word 'AUM', Information about Daihik Taap  &Kleshas, Benefits of Vedic Chanting, Vedas & Upanishads in detail!! This will definitely add to our Knowledge!!
This course is definitely Wonderful and will benefit us!!
Thank you once again &looking forward to level 2 course!!

Geeta Abhay Gokhale 
Associate Professor &Head of Dept of Mathematics, V.G.Vaze College Mulund, Mumbai  
(Retired in 2015)

Ketki, thanks a ton. Your accurate guidance has enabled me to experience immense joy while chanting Mantras and I am experiencing that my breathing capacity has improved. Mantras created very pious vibrations in our home,a feeling experienced when Pooja is performed by Guruji uttering mantras.
Your explanation of Mantras have opened up the treasure of knowledge of Almighty!
On the whole, the course conducted by you was a pleasant journey into our ancient scriptures!

Dr.Lina R.Thatte
Associate Professor & Head, Department of Economics, V.G.Vaze College, Mulund, Mumbai 400081.
( Retired in 2016)

Ketki, thank you for your intelligent, insightful and joyful teaching of the Vedic Mantras, which have been delightful to learn and practise. My increased knowledge will assist me in my yoga teaching as well as my enhancing personal practices. 

Helen Clowes,
Yoga Teacher and Retired solicitor, Wiltshire, England

It was very pleasant experience to learn and recite Upanishad Shanti mantras over past two months. Each mantra,  it's pronunciation and your explanation of its meaning was very pleasant experience. My wish to learn Vaidik Mantras was fulfilled during this enriching journey due to your excellent teaching. Thank you very much

Madhavi Phadake,
Sanskrit Teacher, Mumbai.


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