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20-0353 - ATMAN POST 9-9-2020- V2 FINAL.

Why Children's Yoga? 

Yoga has a phenomenal capacity to empower ourselves, engage our bodies and remember our connection to the world.  A regular yoga practice helps with overall physical and mental health. Performing the poses slowly and with mindful breathing acts as a mental exercise to boost focus and concentration. 
If you can teach a child to be aware of their breath and body movements, they will ultimately become more aware of their emotions and overall wellbeing. These are everyday tools for calming and energising the child to help develop a state of relaxed awareness, which is crucial for learning. 

Yoga also increases self-confidence and most importantly …. its great FUN!!

The classes are designed to get children active in a focused way and includes: 

1. Warm Up Exercises
2. Fun filled Breathing Exercises
3. Theme Based Yoga Poses: A-Z Animal ABC’S Theme, Nature Theme, Shapes Theme, Balance and Flexibility Theme, Calm Down Theme, Easter Theme, Ocean Theme.
4. Face Yoga and Eye Exercises
5. Sun Salutations with Count and Coordinated Breath
6. Guided Relaxation Technique
7. Guided Mantra and Candlelight Meditation for Focus and Concentration

​**This service is running online and offered in Group and on 1-2-1 basis**

This is what children have to say about the classes 

A - Children Yoga (1).jpg

About me: 

Ketki Gokhale 
Masters in Yoga Science (SVYASA), Bangalore

I have a total experience of 15+ years in Yoga consultancy and have been propagating Yoga in the UK for last 10+ years through private tuitions and group learning.

19th Batch of Online Children's Yoga 

Every Saturday April 27th - July 13th 2024

Duration: 12 weeks

Time: 10am-11am UK Time

   This is a Paid Course, to get more details please fill the form below:

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