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Parineeta Belekar,
IT Business Analyst 

Have known Ketki and her yoga skills from many years. Her teaching is complete recipe of intelligence, soulfulness, spiritualism intuitiveness, spontaneous, surprising and a total joy. She emphasises proper postures snd positioning; works within your body's capabilities.  

In effect it gives you tools to maintain everyday posture at work and play, health and a framework for any further forms of exercise you undertake. She gives clear guidance and instructions and I particularly appreciate her sensitive and knowledgeable hands-on help to get into position correctly when needed. I enjoy the pace of her classes and the way she stresses the importance of attention on the body in each pose and the process of yoga to bring space and fluidity.  

I have known yoga as an indian ethnic origin, however, learning with ketki right from basics was a completely new refresher. A unique blend of style in training and motivating her pupils has made Ketki the best yoga practitioner and instructor in my eyes, in another home country away from home. 

Prachi Deshchougule
(Research Assistant, 26 weeks pregnant)  

Having previously suffered from lower backache and neck pain last year, I found the most basic tasks very problematic. Finding a solution was difficult, and constant stretching and strength training exercises did little to help. Fortunately, I was very lucky when my spouse introduced me to Ketaki and the art of yoga. And before I knew it, the 2 to 3 sessions a week I was having really helped ease my back and neck pain. Yoga has made a significant impact on both my physical health and spiritual health; I would highly recommend Ketki as a yoga instructor. Her positive and calming voice would truly enhance anyone’s state of mind.

IT Business Analyst 

I enjoy Ketki’s yoga classes very much. Yoga makes me feel so much more balanced, physically open and relaxed. I am always looking forward to attend at least two yoga sessions a week Also, on emotional and spiritual levels, my focus on life becomes clearer and more peaceful.Ketki is one of the best teacher you could ask for, a wonderful person with whom I enjoy my yoga journey with.. 

Dr. Prasad Vishnupurikar,

I am very impressed with Ketki’s knowledge on Yoga. She just doesn’t teach you the Asanas for the sake of it, but genuinely makes you appreciate the purpose of each asana. It has helped me become more one with my body and has transformed my body awareness. She also makes you feel at ease when you cannot do certain exercises. Her mild and peaceful demeanour definitely helps create an ideal environment for the practice of yoga! 

Dr. Shraddha Vishnupurikar, Dentist 

Doing Yoga with Ketki has improved my body posture tremendously. I had severe problems with my knee and back in the past. Ketki understood my problems very well and was able to tailor my sessions very effectively. She encourages me to explore postures, not to adopt one size fits all approach which helps with safer practice of yoga. Her teaching is practical, joyful and puts emphasis on the embodiment of Yoga. She teaches the true meaning behind everything that we do in Yoga that helps me understand it better! 

Dr. Hiren Yagnik,


Fantastic yoga instructor, one who understands her students and fine tunes as per their need and limitations. Was greatly instrumental in getting rid of my back issues patiently. 2 years in and loving every bit of it. 

Dr. Cherry Yagnik,


Yoga what can I say has become such an integral part of my life and I consider myself very fortunate to find a yoga teacher like Ketki. Her immense experience and mastery of her craft are immediately evident in the ease with which she communicates insight with humility and integrity. She makes sure that you are comfortable in the asana you are doing and if you can’t do it she simplifies it for you but the bottom of it is that you have to do the asana  and not give up.. I personally have benefitted a lot from yoga in the past one year. 

Thank you Ketki for putting in all the efforts and being patient with me and introducing me to this wonderful spiritual way for maintain physical and mental health. X 

Dr. Amruta Pendse 

(Neonatologist, 14 weeks Pregnant)  

I attended my 1st prenatal class for a period of 1 hour under the guidance of Ms. Ketki Gokhale who is a trained yoga therapist. I am extremely pleased to write a feedback about the session. There were various highlights about my prenatal practice sessions.  

      Physical Exercises: 

  • I found the various yogic postures very rhythmic to help make my body flexible. I became conscious about various muscle groups which I had probably not used for a while.  

    Breathing Exercises: 

  • All the activities in the session were coordinated with breathing and that added an extra bit of refreshment to the exercise.  

    Spiritual Experience: 

  • The idea of keeping one hand on heart and other one on the tummy (indirectly on the baby) gave me the first ever experience of being one with the baby and helped make connection with baby. 

    A combination of exercise and relaxation: 

  • The session was a perfect blend of being active as well as relaxed at the same time. I found the idea of sun salute very impressive. The postures designed are in the line of original sun salute but are thoroughly modified for pregnancy. All the physical postures are good for flexibility of various muscle groups and have given emphasis on the pelvic muscles. Sun salute has its own rhythm and fluidity. Coordination of postures with breathing makes it yet more enjoyable. Overall, blissful experience.  

    Appropriate caution was taken to avoid postures which I found not so comfortable.  

    The method of instruction was clear and soothing.  

    Overall, I am very happy at the end of all my sessions and excited to continue them throughout my pregnancy.  

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