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1-2-1 Yoga Counselling call with Ms. Ketki Gokhale

Masters in Yogic Science, (SVYASA) Bangalore.


About Ketki:


  • Total 15+ years experience in Yoga consultancy delivering desired results.

  • Propagating Yoga in the UK for the last 10+ years through private tuitions and group learning.

  • Experience in conducting Yoga therapy sessions focusing on ailments like Obesity, Arthritis, Asthma, Anxiety, Depression, Hypertension, Back pain, Diabetes and Gastro Intestinal disorders.

  • Worked with corporate clients such as National Grid, Cambridge University Yoga Society, London Ayurveda University, Bannatyne Health Club, and provided tailored Wellbeing programs focused on using yoga techniques to manage occupational stress and anxiety at work.

1-2-1 Yoga Counselling Video Call will focus on

Finding out underlying mental and physical challenges that inhibit maximum potential

Exploring and identifying primary areas of concerns – whether at work, family or relationships

Discussing aspects from yoga philosophy to bring the paradigm shift in perception towards your own Self and life at large.

What will you get after 1-2-1 Yoga Counselling Call?

Health Status Assessment -

Summary of counselling session discussion and your needs, goals and aspirations

Holistic Health Vision Plan which will focus on -

  1. Healthy Body : Yoga Asana, diet and cleansing techniques 

  2. Peaceful Mind : Pranayama, meditation and relaxation techniques

  3. Spiritual Intellect: Reading and Chanting scriptures to bring harmony 

  4. Blissful Soul: Seeking True Knowledge to enjoy blissful health 

What clients have to say about Yoga Counselling Call ?

"I had an initial consultation with Ketki to discuss my needs and was really impressed with her passion and professionalism. She explained her background and her approach towards teaching yoga. She asked me lots of questions about my lifestyle and why I wanted to practice yoga. After the initial consultation, she came back with a perfect plan to support my needs and I am really pleased with her."

Mayura Walvekar,

Entrepreneur, UK

"I had an hour consultation with Ketki, it was amazing. Ketki is great at what she does, I will definitely recommend. Thank you Ketki."

Bring Paradigm Shift in your Health

75 mins Yoga Counselling Video Call with Ketki

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