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This Class will focus on:

  • Connecting to your changing body and growing baby through Breathwork and Visualisation

  • Chanting Vedic Mantras which are designed to produce patterns of resonant waves to remove tension and labour related anxiety

  • Kegel Exercises to tone pelvic floor muscles

  • Breath coordinated simple Stretches and Exercises to overcome Pregnancy related discomforts such as Nausea, Low back pain, Insomnia, Headaches, Heartburn, Shortness of Breath, Swelling etc.

  • Safe Yoga Poses to open space in pelvis and strengthen lower body muscles

  • Modified Sun Salutation

  • Specific Pranayamas to increase the amount of Prana or energy much needed for your growing body, baby and facilitate easy and trouble-free childbirth

  • Meditation and relaxing techniques to prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally for natural delivery

Please Note: Pregnancy Yoga Classes are suitable from 12 weeks

To enrol for the course, please fill in the form below.

​**This service is running online and offered in Group and on 1-2-1 basis**

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